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3 Things To Do On Fish Camp Day--8/11

1) Pick up schedule or pull up Skyward and then tour the campus.

2) Pick up your i-Pad in the library (pay usage fee).

3) Stop by the foyer in front of the library to explore student organizations.


How To Start the Day at LHS

Where to Enter in the Mornings

When students arrive in the mornings, they have two options:

  1. Drop-off students will enter through the front doors of the high school and go directly to the cafeteria, band hall (if a band student) or gym.

  2. Bus students will enter the doors by the bus ramp and will go directly to the cafeteria, band hall (if a band student) or gym. 

Students are NOT allowed to go back outside to the student parking lot or to exit via the bus ramp doors.

Drop-Off Entrance

Lindale High School

Bus-Rider Entrance

Bus Rider Entrance

Where to Go Once You Get Here (Before School)

Once students arrive on campus, they must go to one of the following three places: cafeteria, band hall (only if you are a band student), or the gym.  Do NOT proceed down any hallways until the bell for classes rings and the principals dismiss you. If you need help, go to the office.

Where to Go Once The Bell Rings

Once the bell rings for class, proceed down the main hallway to "The Intersection".  From the intersection, students will either go to a class on the 1st floor or will choose one of three stairwells to gain access to the 2nd floor. Students in first period band, athletics, P.E., pep squad, or ag will proceed to those areas instead of going all the way to the intersection.  Be sure to have your schedule in your hand.  Ask any teacher or administrator for help, and they will direct you where you need to go.

campus map

Campus Map

Walking Tour Video

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